How do I use

To use the protocol, simply approve your UniswapV3 NFT to the compounder contract.

Approving your position means it remains in your wallet. You can continue collecting fees, and increasing or decreasing liquidity as you see fit. You will continue having your position compounded, as long as the compounder contract remains approved.

  1. Generate your UniswapV3 position NFT through the UniswapV3 interface

  2. Use the interface to approve your NFT. Alternatively, you could interact directly with the Uniswap contract (0xC36442b4a4522E871399CD717aBDD847Ab11FE88) to do so too.

  3. When your position accumulates fees, such that 2.0% of fees > gas cost, one of our decentralized keepers will call the compound function for you, reinvesting your fees

  4. You see the analytics of their compound on the compounder interface

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